Kalvin M. Miller

Kalvin M. Miller

Things I Like:

Making homemade pizza

Making homemade ice cream

Anything involving outer space

Learning new Excel tricks

Star Wars, Stargate, & Doctor Who

Woodchuck Cider

Gadgets, Computers, and other 'techy' stuff

Diplomacy & Speed Circuit (Avalon Hill games)

Location: Alexandria, VA

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

About Me:

I live in Alexandria, VA with my wife, three kids, and an ornery cat that has been with me longer than the rest. In my (almost) non-existent spare time I play the saxophone; I play the board games Diplomacy and Speed Circuit over email and online; I enjoy fantasy football/hockey/baseball; and I am the Website Administrator for my homeowners' association.

By day, I am a Configuration Consultant for Xactly Corporation. That's a fancy way of saying that I implement software that allows customers to automate their Incentive Compensation processes and get them out of the "Excel Dark Ages." I also specialize in the Xactly Analytics module, which allows compensation administrators, sales, and finance leaders get the visibility they need into their compensation data.

Prior to joining Xactly, I was the Lead Compensation Analyst at MicroStrategy in Tysons Corner, VA. I led a team which manages the incentive compensation for almost all employees who receive a quarterly bonus, from Sales Management to Professional Services, Technical Support and other special teams. Before that I was a Senior Financial Analyst at CoStar Group in Washington, DC. At CoStar, had several responsibilities from monthly financial consolidation, to board of directors reporting, to department forecasting and budgeting. There I also managed the sales compensation process for five years, administering commissions for over 200 sales representatives and their managers.

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